The Gospel Pulpit The Gospel Pulpit is a radio broadcast ministry of Gospel Broadcsting, Inc.  The Gospel Pulpit can be heard in two formats--a 15-minute daily broadcast and a 30-minute  weekly broadcast.  Both formats contain a message from Bro. Ricky Cothren.  The 15-minute daily broadcast can be heard on: WYCV 900AM (Granite Falls, NC) 9:45am WDEH 800AM (Sweetwater, TN) 10:15am WCOK 1060AM (Sparta, NC) 11:00am and 4:30pm WSOF 89.9FM(Madisonville, KY) 11:15am WAJJ 89.3FM (McKenzie, TN) 11:15am WYZD 1560AM (Dobson, NC) 12:30pm and 5:30pm WZYN 810AM (Valdosta, GA) 1:00pm WPIP 880AM (Winston-Salem, NC) 5:30pm February-October WTBI 91.7FM/1540AM (Greenville, SC) 2:15pm 4:00am and 4:00pm The 30-minute weekly broadcast can be heard on: WCOK 1060AM (Sparta, NC) Saturday 11:00am WZYN 810AM (Valdosta, GA) Saturday 1:00pm WSOF 89.9FM (Madisonville, KY) Saturday 2:30pm WIFM 100.9FM (Elkin, NC) Sunday 7:30am WAJJ 89.3FM (McKenzie, TN) 8:00am WYCV 900AM (Granite Falls, NC) Sunday 9:30am WYZD 1560AM (Dobson, NC) Sunday 11:00am and 6:00pm WPIP 880AM (Winston-Salem, NC) Sunday 2:00pm WTBI 91.7FM/1540AM (Greenville, SC) Sunday 2:00pm KPGT 89.1 FM (Watertown, SD) Sunday 10:00am
The message of the month is a CD ministry where each month you will receive a CD with a full length message, as well as a brief update on the ministries of Gospel Broadcasting.  For more information or if you wish to sign-up for the message of the month, please contact us.
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The Gospel Pulpit Radio Broadcast
You May Listen to the Gospel Pulpit here: 15-minute daily broadcast 30-minute weekly broadcast
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